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China's industrial gas companies how to snare?

Classification:Industry News Date:2015/03/24 PV:4004

Industrial gas industry has been hailed as the "blood." With the rapid development of China's economy, the industrial gas industry as one of the basic elements of the national economy, an important position and role in the national economy has become increasingly prominent. Prospective Industrial Research Institute released the "2012-2016 China industrial gas industry depth research and strategic planning investment analysis report" shows that in 2000, the country's industrial gas industry has entered a rapid development stage, 2006-2007, the industry average GDP growth rate for more than 10%, in 2011 the industry output value of nearly 70 billion yuan.
China's industrial gas market is vast, and many other fields into the rapid growth phase. Industrial gases downstream applications continues to expand, the last decade, energy, environmental protection, health care demand growing faster than the traditional steel colored, plus new coal chemical industry, especially the large development of coal and gas, energy conservation to reduce energy requirements consumption as well as three of four national standards required to reduce the sulfur content in gasoline and diesel industrial gas demand growth will accelerate in the "five-second" period. Prospective Industrial Research Institute research team expects the industrial gas industry over the next five years, China's industrial gas market will maintain at least 11% growth rate in 2016 reached more than 120 billion yuan in sales. Outsourcing of industrial gases market share from 42% in 2008 and further increased to 50% in 2015. In fact, the domestic market is expected to make a steady increase in foreign industrial gas giants China to speed up the layout.
Although the domestic state-owned gas companies, private and state-owned private joint ventures, Chinese-controlled joint ventures, as well as mainland China's Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan-funded enterprises, but with the nature of foreign enterprises compared to the group, China's gas industry has not yet formed their own enterprises, 8 million cu m / h air separation unit level almost entirely on imports.

Prospective Industrial Research Institute research team analyzed the industrial gas industry believes that in order with foreign gas giants struggle Chamber of gas industry needs from five aspects. First, we must encourage and guide itself currently has a large gas resource conglomerates steel, petrochemical, and other diversification strategy, using their own advantages, the integration of the existing gas resources for independent gas companies and the market; Second, we must support the formation of 2 ~ 3 sales in the 50 to 30 billion of the large gas "aircraft carrier", the formation of China's domestic gas industry, "leading"; Third, we must create a number of sales revenue of 10 billion to 3 billion or so local private enterprises and other ownership ingredients gas "combined fleet"; four to support the strategic gas equipment manufacturing enterprises to accelerate into the gas industry, a record number of sales revenue of 30 billion or more industrial gas equipment manufacturing companies; five small gas companies want to conduct joint reorganization, solve small gas companies to survive in the cracks, by the "exclusion" and "oppression" or "out" embarrassment.