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The difference between industrial oxygen with medical oxygen

Classification:Gas Knowledge Date:2015/03/24 PV:3339

Industrial oxygen is used in gas production and processing industry, the quality is generally less than 99% purity requirements for eligibility. Strict medical oxygen filling procedure is better, there are often mixed with water and other impurities and residual oxygen cylinders in the cylinder, and the residue mixed with water in a cylinder of oxygen can lead to corrosion of the inner wall of the bottle, so that the bottle with the smell of gas. At the same time there is industrial oxygen in carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, acetylene and other impurities is extremely harmful to the human body, once the patient inhaled excessive, choking, crusting and other phenomena, cause or aggravate respiratory illness.
Commonly known as dry oxygen medical oxygen: medical oxygen purity of 99.5%, and in the production and filling process in addition to the removal of harmful gases, the most important is the strict control of the oxygen content in the water. Because medical oxygen is inhaled in the human body and is widely used in health care, so the national drug regulatory authorities have been included in the medical oxygen drugs to manage the requirements of production and operation of medical oxygen must obtain a permit.
   Medical oxygen and industrial oxygen gas because it is difficult to discriminate by experimentally in people at home, but by the following method can be distinguished to some extent.
Medical oxygen certificate: our daily consumption of food and medicines, as there are manufacturers of medical oxygen, production date, expiry date, etc., these medical oxygen on the quality of medical oxygen are clearly documented in the medical oxygen cylinders above certificate.
    Medical oxygen certification objectives are: to tell you, "Who is the quality of medical oxygen you are using responsibly" hit production date marked on the test, such as for medical oxygen certificate. World distribution of medical oxygen source gas from the filling began no more than a month.
Pressure detection Seal: Pressure testing is an important means to ensure the safety of the oxygen bottles, according to the national standard of medical oxygen cylinders 3 years must be pressure tested to ensure the safety of every oxygen bottle.
Smell: the smell of the method is not very effective for the new oxygen bottle filling of industrial oxygen, medical oxygen because oxygen filling bottles and industrial oxygen filling oxygen cylinders used in the beginning, through the human sense of smell is very difficult found a difference, but over time, the extent of corrosion of industrial oxygen bottle gradually deepened, slightly open the oxygen cylinder switch (switch does not turn too large), can smell the strong sulfur, water, rust, or sour, very There may not be medical oxygen. (Due to the body of oxygen cylinders have rubber seals, individual oxygen cylinder can smell rubber taste is normal.