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In metallurgical industry,Central China Special Gas with high quality products, professional technology, service, and first-class partners, in metal casting, manufacturing and processing of iron and steel and non-ferrous metal industry has years of experience in gas supply, and has been committed to development and maximize the efficiency and reduce the cost of all kinds of innovative technology solutions.Oxygen in the metal processing is mainly used for oxygen-enriched smelting iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, cutting, welding in machining.Such as oxygen steelmaking, pure oxygen top-blown converter bottom blowing or steel, electric furnace steelmaking solitude and open hearth steelmaking.Oxygen-enriched blast furnace coal injection can improve the utilization coefficient and decrease the coke rate of ironmaking.Smelting reduction ironmaking by pure oxygen combustion of coal, coke ironmaking instead.Nitrogen is mainly used in steel, iron, copper, aluminum annealing, coking, carburizing, quenching, powder metal sintering and the protection of high temperature furnaces, metal parts assembly and cold temperatures of the plasma cutting, etc.Such as rolled steel, galvanized, chrome plating, heat treatment (particularly stalloy) such as continuous casting with a nitrogen gas as shielding gas.Nitrogen is a kind of neutral gas.In inactive state, nitrogen can be used as a protective heating, prevent oxidation and decarburization of steel, which is widely used in light, bright annealing, quenching tempering heat treatment process such as light.In the vacuum heat treatment, nitrogen is often used as a cooling medium;Nitrogen pressure oil quenching, the nitrogen can protect electric heating element of the vacuum furnace, but also by adjusting the nitrogen pressure, improve the hardenability of steel.Under a certain voltage and low vacuum, nitrogen will ionization, ion nitriding and ion nitrogen can be carbon altogether permeability.